Friday, 22 April 2011

This Evening in My Garden

It was like Manchester Airport with all the aerial traffic in and over my garden this evening when I saw the following:
  • Blue Tits in and around the nest box
  • Blackbirds - severall pairs
  • Goldfinches - singing loudly from the tops of conifers and rooftop aerials
  • A Greenfinch singing in a conifer and then from a rooftop aerial
  • A Coal Tit briefly
  • A Magpie lurking around the rooftops
  • Starlings - ever present
  • House Sparrows nesting in my next door neighbours eaves - young making lots of noise
  • Collared Doves
  • Woodpigeons
  • Carrion Crows over
  • Gulls returning to roost from Astley Tip I expect
Earlier in the day I also saw Kes, our resident Kestrel from a distance and two low flying Carrion Crows one of which had so few ofeathers in its wings I could see straight through them.

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