Raison d'etre

Hi, I'm still pretty much an amateur at this bird-watching lark, but I do enjoy it.  I've only been doing it fairly seriously for eleven years now but in fact I've enjoyed casually watching birds for most of my life.

When I was young I collected a Blackbird's nest from our garden after the bird had long gone.  In it were two light blue speckled eggs which hadn't hatched, and so I made a display box to keep it in from an old shoe box with a piece of cellophane to view it though. I've still got it today some 50 years later.

I've liked watching birds ever since and I've always been able to identify the common and garden birds where I live such as House Sparrows, Wrens, Blackbirds, Starlings, Magpies, Thrushes and Blue Tits. I never used to see Goldfinches when I was a kid, and now I see them more often than Sparrows - interesting how things change over time isn't it?

In 2009 I bought a decent digital DSLR camera and decided to create a blog to record some of the pictures I take, mainly as a record for myself. Hopefully you will see my shots getting better as I gain more experience and can afford better equipment.

I put most of my better photographs on Flickr here: Martyn Jones' Flickr Photostream
And some on BirdGuides here: Martyn Jones' BirdGuides Gallery

I'm a member of the Leigh Ornithological Society where I've created and maintain the websites and Facebook group pages for them as well as coordinating our L.O.S Young Birders' Club team's activities. Here are the links:

Leigh Ornithological Society main website - for news, reports, articles and information
L.O.S. Main Facebook group - for regular bird sightings and reports from our recording area
L.O.S. Nature Photography group - for nature related photos from anywhere
L.O.S. Pennington Flash Volunteers group - for communicating the groups activities
L.O.S. Young Birders' Club website - for reports about our activities, but needs bringing up to date

Anyway, that's enough of an introduction and raison d'etre.  I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs and videos as well as reading some of the reports about my birding trips. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments too.

Martyn Jones (aka GeekTeacher)

P.S. If you'f like to contact me my email address is: martyn.jones@yahoo.com

This photo of me and a Dotterel was taken up Pendle Hill in May 2014 by Gareth Hughes. The bird got too close to photograph and so I just lay down and watched it - one of many amazing experiences you can read about in this blog.