Wednesday, 27 April 2011

NestCam Update

Three eggs this morning and counting - it seems that one is being laid every night.  The female only returns to the nest a few times during the day when she brings in more feathers and sits on the eggs for while.  She seems to be settling down for the night round 7:30pm and getting her morning alarm call from the male at about 5:45am.

I did a bit of research on the web yesterday and have discovered that Blue Tits lay between 5 and 16 eggs, although 8 seems to be the average.  They take 14 days to hatch and up to 19 days to fledge - we can't wait.

There's also been a Magpie snooping around this morning so I'll have to put my cats on sentry duty - they'll never catch it but they might scare it off.

BTW - we've decided to call them Wills and Kate - how cheesy is that !?!

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