Saturday, 2 April 2011

Moses Gate Country Park

After forgetting to charge my camera battery this morning and having no spare with me (thus ending up with a useless camera at Pennington Flash) I decided to take advantage of the remaining sunshine this afternoon to try out my new digiscope adaptor at another location. I chose Moses Gate Country Park near Little Lever in Bolton, another favourite haunt of mine.

Crompton Lodge

Armed with a freshly charged battery, I set off in the hope of seeing something new or at least getting some good photographs. When I arrived things started off well - I was greeted by a single male Goldeneye as soon as I got down to the water, and so I started snapping immediately.  Here are some of the results:


Goldeneye dribbling

Goldeneye in a flap


Black-headed Gull coming in to land

Look at my lovely chocolate head - why do they call it black?

Great Crested Grebe through a digiscope

A pair of Great Crested Grebes through a digiscope

Mute Swan nest building

Pair of Mute Swans nest building

Greylag Goose

Beautiful, but what am I - a Mallard hybrid?

Beautiful, but what am I - a Mallard hybrid?
You're quackers
Tufted Duck

Coot on nest

Big and Proud - Mallard

What you lookin' at?





Teal showing off

Don't be 'daffed' - of course spring has sprung

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