Friday, 1 April 2011

Chiffchaff in Lilford Park

I've finally done it! I've finally managed to see the elusive Chiffchaff. Their calls are one of the easiest to identify but trying to actually see one is very difficult.   Anyway, this morning I took a walk in Lilford Park in Leigh whilst on a visit to Leigh Infirmary and I was very pleasantly surprised by how well-managed this park is. 

The last time I came here was when my kids were young, when we used to visit the small animal section and play on the swings.  A local dog walker told me sadly that the animals had long since gone, but there had been new developments in the woodland area where a trail had been created along the course of the flood protection basin.

As I walked down the familiar main path two or three Chaffinches were chasing each other from tree to tree, the white streaks on their tail feathers being particularly noticeable.  I then veered off towards the flood basin and saw four Magpies on the ground.  I could already hear the sound of the Chiffchaff too, coming from a clump of trees down in the basin.

Luckily I had my binoculars with me today and after a few minutes I'd spotted a small olive green bird within the branches of the the birch trees - I smiled to myslef because it was the elusive Chiffchaff which I'd never seen in the flesh before.

Happily I walked back to the car and drove off to work with another lifer tick for my blog

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