NestCam Live 2013


so I've taken the live NestCam offline for now.


PLEASE BE PATIENT BEFORE SCROLLING THE PAGE DOWN TO SEE THE LIVE VIDEO, AS IT CAN TAKE A MOMENT TO LOAD. You may also need to install or update Java(TM) on your computer to view this video.  Java is a free download and it is generally easy and safe to install it.

I have two NestCams installed on the side of my house and NestCam 1 is currently being used by a small fluffy Blue Tit for overnight roosting.  The bird arrives just as it goes dark (here in the UK it's currently around 7:30pm depending on the weather) and leaves at first light, around 6:00am. Obviously these times will change as the daylight lengthens.

If the video is jerky, right click on the image and choose Transfer > Protocol 2. 
You can also increase the frame rate and quality settings here if desired.

NestCam 1

Can't see me, then I'm not at home at present. I'll be back around 7:30pm tonight. 
If I don't look like I'm moving it's because I'm asleep - watch carefully and I might preen myself 

NestCam 2

If it's blank or if it say's 'Error' above, it either means that the cameras are switched off or you need to install / update Java on your computer. Your firewall may also block the connection and so you may need to 'accept a connection' if a message pops up on your computer.  

It would be great if you would leave a message in the box below.  You can post anonymously, but it would be nice to have your name in the text.

Below is a test of a new streaming system - if I get any nesting birds it will go online.


  1. tucked up in his/her box again, hope she/he gets a mate soon.


  2. I thought there would be signs of nesting material being brought in by now.

  3. Still no signs of nesting yet - but you can see that biting cold wind blowing the feathers in the nest box, especially if you change to Protocol 2 as described in the text above the first video.

  4. Tonight's the first night our little bird has not been in the box since February. I do hope it's OK and returns to build a nest here soon.

  5. Looks like my little birdie has flown :(


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