Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Three Sisters Nature Reserve

After the excitement of the Kentish Plover at Audenshaw last night, I decided to pop out to Three Sisters Nature Reserve near Bryn in Wigan today to practice a little more with my new camera body. At the very least I knew there would be the usual birds at the feeding station, but there's also the prospect of seeing the Tawny Owls there as well as a variety of spring migrant warblers.

After spending some time at the feeding station where the best bird I had was a Jay, although there were also male and female Bullfinches, a pair of Willow Tits, some Reed Buntings and the usual Robins, Dunnocks and Tits, I went for a wander through the woodland paths. I soon came upon a singing male Blackcap, but trying to pin it down for a photograph was really difficult.  However, after about a hour or so I got lucky, as it landed on a branch with a clear background.  These shots almost look as if they have been setup with a prop, but they haven't - it just perched in a great place (for once!).


I've just heard that my second Blackcap photo on this page got a 'Notable' award on Birdguides this week.

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