Friday, 5 July 2013

Swallows on a Culcheth Farm

Whilst I've been watching the Peregrines in Leigh I've met quite a few people, some of whom are just passers-by walking their dogs, some locals with a keen interest and some birders.  Of the birders, I got talking to two Steves(!)  and they kindly invited me to go to a local farm one day to help put up some nest boxes in a nearby wood and also get some close views of nesting Swallows. As one of the Steve's is a keen photographer too, so I was in with a chance of getting some photos too.

That day was today and after a walk round the small wood and putting up several of Steve's excellent home made nest boxes, we went back to the farm to look at the Swallow nests.  This was the first time I'd ever tried this and with the nests being in the dark and the birds moving so fast, it was quite challenging to get any decent photos at all.  Here's the best of what I got:

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