Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pennington Flash

I was just getting back into birding this week and got off to a good start with an excellent sighting of a Kingfisher from Teal Hide at Penny. As I arrived at Teal Hide I was alerted to the bird being chased briefly by a Magpie by another person viewing who was even more excited about seeing it than I was. I hurredly set up my camera and managed to fire off a few shots of the Kingfisher sitting on a post surveying the water before it flew off. The pictures are not dead sharp but they're the best ones I got of a Kingfisher to date.

The other highlight from Teal Hide was seeing a pair of Green Sandpipers searching the scapes for food. Other birds included a HeronGadwallTealMallardCoot, and Moorhen as well as numerous Magpies and Wood Piegons.

There was not much else about today at the other hides apart from the usuals although I later found out that a female Pintail had been seen.

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