Sunday, 15 May 2011

NestCam Update

There were seven in the bed, and the little one said ...

Well it's Sunday evening now and I can confirm that there are seven live Blue Tit chicks and only 1 egg that's not hatched yet.  It's taken all day for me to see seven mouths all pop up at once, and that's the only way I can be sure they're all OK.

Kate removes a white fecal 'poop' sac

There is a distinctive 'cheeping' sound coming from the chicks now and Kate doesn't half squawk when she wants to them to pop their heads up and be fed.  Wills is bringing food in regularly and Kate still leaves the nest from time to time to do her own thing.
Kate feeding the chicks

We can now recognise the different sounds the birds make when they are warning of some kind of danger such as one of our cats (or me) nearby, and when they have returned with food.  Wills makes a noise from a perch outside the nest box and Kate replies to tell him to come in with the food.  It's great to hear and watch.

Only one egg left now, let's hope it hatches

During the day I took some photos of Wills and Kate outside in my garden and here'e the best of them:

Lovely grub !!!

Wills - a handsome dude isn't he?

Wills in a Rowan tree

Wills with his hackles raised because I was too close.

Is there anybody at home?

Wills passing food to Kate
Kate taking a break

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