Saturday, 14 May 2011

NestCam Update

I think we've got another chick this morning, but it's very hard to tell when there's just a mass of pink flesh all huddled together covering the remaining eggs!  It's best to count them when their heads pop up for feeding, but as yet I've only see a couple do this today.  Here's some of this morning's photos:

This is Wills passing some food he has just collected to Kate:

Kate squawks to let the chicks know that there's some food available and their heads pop up with gaping mouths ready to be fed.

If the chicks don't take the food, Kate seems to swallow it and I don't think she regurgitates it for them later.  However, she might be able to keep some in her beak and give it to them in smaller anounts, but it's difficult to tell if this is happening.


  1. Congratulateions Geekteacher on site. Enjoyed visit and will be back for more. Unfortunately my own nestbox complete with camera is empty - still living in hope - my garden visitors must be camera shy as other nestboxes are occupied.

  2. Lovely to see Wills and Kate doing so well looking after their ever increasing brood. We counted 7 chicks up to now! C Taylor


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