Friday, 13 May 2011

NestCam Update: Stop Press

I've not been able to post here for the last couple of days because Blogger has been down, but at about 6:10am this morning our first Blue Tit chick hatched.  Immediately mum (Kate) tried to feed it without much success - the chick didn't seem able to take the caterpillar grubs which did seem quite large.  Dad (Wills) brought a regular supply of grubs and insects for a good ten minutes, but the chick didn't take these either.  I left for work not knowing if it was feeding properly or not.

When I got to work at 9am I had a quick look to see if any more chicks had hatched, but none had.  Then at 10am a work colleague who reads my blog told me there were three chicks and later my wife told me another had hatched by 11.38am.  She also said that during the day they had started to feed better as Wills and Kate brought in a regular supply of food.

Great news and only four more eggs to hatch, which will probably be tomorrow now.  I need to get over the BTO's Nest Box Challenge website now to update our report data there.

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  1. Exciting! Great blog, really enjoying keeping up with Wills and Kate - Lesley (Mrs Darren Wright!)


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