Here are some of my better photographic efforts taken since starting this blog in late 2009. Double-click on any image to show them all at full size:
Dunlin at Marshside
Knot at Marshside

Ringed Plover at Marshside

Nuthatch at Dunham Park

Great Crested Grebe at Pennington

Willow Tit at Pennington Flash 

Pied-billed Grebe at Hollingworth

Dunnock at Moses Gate

Starling from My Back Garden

Goldfinch in Rindle Wood

Grey Heron at Moses Gate

Snow Bunting at Kinmel Bay

Little Egret at Malltraeth, Angelsey

Grey Heron at Pennington Flash

Stoat at Astley Moss

Jackdaw at Dunham Massey Park

Greenshank at Pennington Flash

Juvenile Long-tailed Tit in Leigh

Common Tern at Doffcocker Lodge

Wren at Pennington Flash

Willow Warbler in Rindle Wood

Coot at Doffcocker Lodge

Reed Warbler at Doffcocker Lodge

Puffin at Bempton Cliffs

Gannet at Bempton Cliffs

Gannets at Bempton Cliffs
Tree Sparrow at Rindle Road, Astley

Black-headed Gulls at Marshside

Black-tailed Godwit at Marshside

Oystercatcher at Marshside


  1. Hi Martyn, its Mark Cain,
    I saw you ages back at the Flash. Just wanted to say that your photos are fantastic mate, real top quality and that starling is the best pic of a starling I've ever seen. Brilliant!

  2. Brilliant shots Martin, I preferred your first Nuthatch with the bark texture as a background! Looks like that new lens is doing well!

    Joe Wynn

  3. Some brilliant photo's Martyn Well done! you have some terrific websites.

  4. great pics great site

  5. Spent a couple of hours , browsing your website , fantastic photos , and lovely refreshing accounts of you seeing , British birds , seeing bearded tits and Dotterels for the first time is always life changing ,, I only saw my first Dotterel last year , and I have been all over the world watching birds. Lovely to see the non twitcher in you. Feel the force don't go over to the dark side. ( I know you wont )FANTASTIC

    1. Thank-you so much for your comments, but I'm not sure who you are?

  6. Amazing photos, only got into birding about a year ago, shows me how much I have to learn yet!


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