Sites I Visit

Here is a list of the sites I visit most regularly (click on the links to go to the relevant sightings page on the Manchester Birding Forum):
And some I hope to visit more regularly:

Helpful People:

These birders have all helped me in some way, either by showing me round a site or just talking to me about birds and photography:
  • Dave Thacker (Rindle Road, Astley Moss)
  • John Tymon (Pennington Flash)
  • Rob Thorpe (Wigan and Abram Flashes)
  • Ray Ashcroft (Hope Carr Nature Reserve)
  • Dave Broome (Pennington Flash and magazines)
  • Jon Taverner (Pennington Flash)
  • Ian McKercher (Bird IDs)
  • Geoff Hargreaves (Rindle Road)
  • Charlie Owen (Pennington Flash)
  • Pete Welch (Birdwatching Magazines)
  • Steve Nelson (Irlam and Chat Moss)
  • Joe Wynn (Pennington Flash)
  • Steve Almond (Rumworth Lodge)
  • Steven Burke (Binn Green and Dunham Massey)
  • Nick Isherwood (Highfield Moss)
  • Mike Baron (Rixton)
  • Tim Wilcox (Abram Flashes)
  • Keith Mills (Rumworth Lodge)
  • Alan Flavell (Heaton Park)
  • Jonathan Platt (Risley Moss)
and many others whose names I do not know.
...... many thanks