Monday, 5 February 2018

That's Why Dad's Gone To Iceland ...

Another trip up to Heysham found me on the south side of the harbour at Heysham Nuclear Power Station today, searching for the long-staying Iceland Gull that has been reported here recently.  I'd never been to this side of the harbour before, but with some great instructions from Martin Loftus and Janice Suttton, I made my way up through the nature reserve and round the sea wall to the south west corner of the harbour without a problem.

The bird didn't show for at least and an hour, and for most of the time I was the only person present.  One poor guy had come all the way from Leeds by train and bus to see it, but left without it having shown. I do hope he found the Chough on his way home.

It flew around two or three times whilst I was there, but spent most time lying on a nearby rooftop or security lamp with Herring Gulls for company.


Here's a short video of the bird interspersed with some of the still shown above.

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