Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mere Sands Wood LWTT

After seeing reports of a Bittern which was showing well at Mere Sands Wood LWT, I set off today with high hopes of seeing it and perhaps even getting some photos.  I decided not to do the full walk round that I usually do, but to go straight to the Rufford Hide from where the Bittern has been seen.

I expected the hide to be full when I got there, but surprisingly it wasn't.  I managed to get a good seat overlooking the main spot where the bird had been regularly sighted and then sat for three or four hours either watching nothing or a vague shape rustling through the reedbed.

Fortunately there were  other birds on hand to relieve the boredom including a Kingfisher and female Goosander which gave excellent views.

It was also nice to meet up with Brian Rafferty, a chap with whom I have chatted over the internet with a couple of times and whose blog I follow form time to time. Indeed it actually was Brian who recognised me from my name and blog title.

Here's the Kingfisher fishing from a perch in front of the seedbed.

This female Goosander was patrolling the water in front of the hide.

And this Little Grebe was bobbing around in front of the hide too.

So after three or four hours sitting in the hide this was the best shot of the Bittern that I managed to get today, Anyone good a removing reeds in Photoshop?

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