Thursday, 12 January 2017

Full Moon Over Tyldesley

I got one shot at tonight's new or full moon before it was covered in clouds. When the sun, moon and earth all line up at full moon then we get the highest (and indeed lowest) tides which are called 'spring' tides (nothing to do with the time of year!). In fact it takes a bit of time for the enormous mass of water to move, so the spring tide will actually occur a couple of days after the new moon.

Birders are always very keen to know about the current phase of the moon, because some of the best shoreline birding is done on high tides because they force wading and other birds to roost closer to the land.  Where there are salt marshes, the land creatures that inhabit them are also forced to move further inland and this can often produce the spectacles of raptors and owls hunting and catching them with views much closer than normal.

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