Friday, 7 October 2016

Great Birds on the Great Orme

Today I decided to try for the rarest bird I've seen to date  - a Booted Warbler which has been showing well on the Great Orme in Llandudno for the last few days.  This trip had the added benefit of letting me also have a look for some Black Redstarts which have been showing around the Great Orme copper mines for the last few weeks as well as the potential of seeing some Chough.

Booted Warbler
When I got to the Orme I decided that the easiest way to get to the 'limestone pavement car park' as it is known was to go round Marine Drive which encircles the hill. I knew this was a toll road, but I thought they stopped charging in the winter months - unfortunately not.

Black Redstart
Nevermind I thought, I'll pay my £3, go for the Booted Warbler first and then go round again and up to the top of the Orme for the Black Redstarts. The reason for needing to do this is because Marine Drive is one-way road around the Orme, and after having gone to see the Booted Warbler, I wouldn't be able to backtrack for the Black Redstarts.

But even this idea was thwarted because I was told by the attendant that you can only go round once on the ticket and would have to pay again for a second trip. So I had to visit the Black Redstarts first all the while hoping the Booted Warbler would still be there.

Kestrel hunting
As it happens, it all worked out very well and I got to see the two main birds and a few others but unfortunately no Chough today.

Here are some more photos of the Booted Warbler and Black Redstarts:

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