Wednesday, 14 September 2016

White-winged Black Tern at High Rid Reservoir

I spent a lovely sunny afternoon at High Rid Reservoir near Doffcocker in Bolton today, with the target bird being a juvenile White-winged Black Tern. This was a lifer for me having missed a  chance of seeing one at Elton Reservoir in the last few years.

This was my first day out photographing birds since I had my nose operation nearly three weeks ago, and so I was little unsure about how holding the camera up to my face would go, but as it turns out it wasn't a problem.

UPDATE: The photo below has just been given a 'Notable' award on BirdGuides.

I met some great people today and we had a good chat as we watched this special bird repeatedly resting on an orange buoy at one end of the reservoir and then flying down to the end where we were standing before turning into the wind to feed by skimming flies off the water.

A bit more text to follow tomorrow, but for now, here's some more of my photos:


  1. Hi Martyn,
    Amazingly I saved your blog onto my favourites at least a year ago, and just browsing my sites started looking at this again. Suddenly realised it was you!!!! Brilliant photos and love the video too. Will look at this much more regularly now! Best wishes, Steve.


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