Friday, 23 October 2015

Rindle Road

Here's the only half-decent shots of a Kestrel I got whilst out on a quick trip down Rindle Road in Astley on a very grey and dismal day today. Sorry about the grainy photos but there was very little light.

I saw:
  • 2 Kestrels
  • 2 Buzzards, one being mobbed by about eight Carrion Crows
  • 2 Jays
  • Both Song and Mistle Thrushes
  • Blackbird, Robin and BlueTit
  • A few Goldfinches
  • Good numbers of Starlings congregating on the telephone wires.
  • Small numbers of Redwings and Fieldfares overhead.
  • Hundreds of Woodpigeons
  • Large numbers of Jackdaws and a few Carrion Crows
  • Loads of Pheasants

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