Friday, 6 February 2015

Snow Buntings on Wallasey Shore

Here's a few shots of the very confiding pair of Snow Buntings in winter plumage which I took in front of the Harvester pub on Wallasey Shore, just a mile or so down the road from New Brighton Marina where I saw the Laughing Gull earlier today.

It's great when you get out of the car and can pretty much instantly see where the bird is, usually due to the array of birders and photographers all camo-ed up and pointing their scope and long lenses in the same direction.  This was the case today, so I didn't have far to hobble down the promenade to get to the birds.

There were two birds, a male and a female Snow Bunting, but getting a photo of both of them in focus was quite challenging.  Here's my best effort at that:

These two have been around for a few days now and it's probably due to the fact that someone has been feeding them - there was clear evidence of seed on the small concrete slope which runs down to the beach.  A big thank-you to that person, whoever you are!

A cracking pair of stunning birds, easy to approach and in good light - what more could a bird photographer want?  Well maybe just a male Snow Bunting in breeding plumage, but that would be rude to ask wouldn't it?

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