Thursday, 1 January 2015

Okay, Okay, Okay ....

I haven't posted anything here or on Flickr since September 2014. There are many reasons for this including the rise of the L.O.S. Facebook group that I set up, my dissatisfaction with the quality of the photos I've been taking and lack of time due to returning to work after a brief period of early retirement.

All the decent photos I've taken since my last post here have been posted on the L.O.S. Facebook group along with any brief reports I've done. This has become the main place I currently use on the internet because I get a lot of feedback from other birders and comments from interested people, much more than I have ever had on this blog.

I like my blog posts to be in chronological order as they are a diary of what I get up to, but as time passed it became harder and harder to resume posting and keep things in the right sequence - therefore I stopped altogether.  However, I've now decided I'll do some 'back-posting', by which I mean I'll post the reports and photos which I took last year, leave them at the top of the blog for a while and then arrange them into chronological order at a later date just to satisfy my OCD.

So now I'm going to get started again, watch this space ....

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