Thursday, 12 February 2015

Find a Lamp Post ....

Find a lamp post and you will very often find a Kestrel just leaving it ....

This was the only decent photo I got after a failed attempt to to Burton Marsh Wetlands to see the Long-eared Owl which has been causing a bit of a stir there recently.  I was also going this part of the Wirral to check out my motorhome after it been looked at for loss of coolant and before embarking on a longer trip to Dumfries and Galloway.

But it wasn't to be, because after an enjoyable 19 miles down the M6 and M56 motorways in brilliant sunshine, the engine coolant came on and I had to pull over to check it out.

There was no way that I was going to continue on the motorway now and so I decided to head for home through Warrrington, stopping to let the engine cool down and refill with water a couple of times.
One of the places  I stopped was at Rixton Clay Pits where I had a quick look round, but nothing much was showing apart from four Shoveler on the water, a Common Buzzard which exploded out of the trees, a Cormorant landing and a few Blue Tits and Great tits in the woods.

On my way back to the car I noticed some Starlings and Mistle Thrushes in a field and when I looked closer there were also two Fieldfare and a single redwing in amongst them. I tried to get some photos but they were a bit to distant.  Whilst doing this a Kestrel spooked the winter Thrushes which all took off for the trees. I followed the Kestrel down the main road as it had landed on a lamp post, but as I got near it took flight as they nearly always do - and that's the story of this photo.

As  made my way back to the car I also spotted a couple of distant Buzzard, some Long-tailed tits, a Robin, some Goldfinches and two blackbirds.  It just goes to show that in some areas birds are all around you, even when you are not looking for them.

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