Friday, 15 February 2013

Barn Owl Record Shots

Barn Owl

I've found a location for seeing a Barn Owl quite regularly in the afternoon around 4pm and so I visited it a few times last week.  Unfortunately, due to interference, the locations of Owls is generally kept quiet so I won't be publishing the details here, only the photos.  However, this place is quite well-known and I've seen two Barn Owls at the same time here which don't seem phased by the presence of people or dogs.

I first saw the Owls this year in January when it was snowing and I didn't manage to get very close, but this week I've got my best photo yet which is shown at the top of this post.  I've still a long way to go in getting a good photo, but this location bodes well for managing it, as I'm sure that one day the bird will fly past me at close range - I just need to be ready for it!

Whilst I was there one evening I met up with local photographers Darryl and John who have been photographing birds here for a long time.  They gave me some useful tips for getting a good shot of the bird as well as some other nearby locations for other birds.  A key thing that I learnt is the importance of covering your face with a balaclava or some netting to avoid the light reflecting off your skin. Although this is not much of an issue for this particular owl, other birds can see you a long way off without this cover.

So if the sun is shining this afternoon I'll be off there again in search of some better photos.

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