Thursday, 27 September 2012

'Birds and their Habitats' Class

Today I enrolled in Peter Baron's 'Birds and their Habitats' class at Whitefield Library.  Peter has been the bird recorder at Elton Reservoir for over 20 years and has run popular birding classes at Whitefield, Prestwich and Ramsbottom Libraries for many years too.

After discussing it with Peter, I volunteered to set up a website for the class to record what we discuss in class and what we see on fieldtrips.  The address is: and each week's class discussion and notes will be presented here.  This will be useful for those who can't attend the class every week as well as being a place to display our bird photos online.

If you want details of when and where the class runs, how much it costs and what sort of things we do, why not head over to the 'Birds and their Habitats' website?

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