Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Format

Now that I'm getting out a lot more often, I've decided that my 'quick visits' will be reported in just one post, rather than have a separate post for each trip.  In the last two weeks I've been to:
  • Deeside Naturalists' Reserve in Flint with Jeff Cohen
  • Denhall Lane, Burton on the Wirrall
  • Dunham Massey Park in Cheshire
  • The Wigan Flashes with Rob Thorpe
  • Rindle Road and Moss Lane on Astley Moss
  • Pennington Flash with Jon Taverner
  • Hope Carr Nature Reserve

If you're wondering about the lack of photographs it's because I'm quite unhappy with the quality of what I'm producing at the moment.  Too see if there's a noticeable difference, I've started taking shots in RAW mode but these take a lot more processing and storage space.  As yet I haven't got anything I think is worth publication, but I will be putting some shots up to go with the write ups on some of the above trips. 

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