Friday, 5 November 2010

Collins Guide

At last I'm a proper birder - well nearly! My copy of the bird watching bible arrived today- the Collins Bird Guide 2nd Edition. Until now I've been using a selection of bird books including my trusty old Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe and the Collins Pocket Guide to Birds.

But as I'm starting to take birdwatching a lot more seriously, I decided to get the book that everyone talks about in the birding world.  Here are some short reviews of it from

'The best just got better' Birdwatch / 'The richest, most comprehensive of the current guides.' The Times / 'This book will surely become our standard guide for many years to come.' BBC Wildlife / '!buy this book, read it in the bath, keep it in the car boot and use it.' Bird Watching / '! this book is a must for every birdwatcher.' Country Life / 'If you want to have only one guide to British and European birds, this is the one to get.' British Wildlife / 'As essential as binoculars for those who take birdwatching seriously' New Scientist / '!go on, buy it and enjoy it -- it really is a very good book!' RSPB Birds magazine / 'One of the most talked about and fervently anticipated bird books of the past decade has finally arrived ! The wait has been worth it.' Birding World.

Now I've got it at least I feel more like a proper birder !

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