Friday, 15 October 2010

My Garden Highlights of the Week

This week I had a family party of about eight Long-Tailed Tits on and around the feeders in the Hawthorne tree at the bottom of my garden.  There was also at least one Coal Tit and one Great Tit in amongst them and I suspect there may also have been a Blue Tit or two.  There were certainly lots of birds making lots of noise for a five minute spell and then the phone rang.  When I returned with my camera they had all gone.

The second highlight for me was when I had my first Goldfinch on a feeder in my garden.  It's only this year I've really noticed Goldfinches around this area and I can now recognise their song and flight patterns without much trouble.  In summer this year I've seen them regularly calling from the next door neighbour's TV aerial, eating insects out of a spider's web on another neighbour's shed and a pair briefly paid a visit to the thistles in my front lawn (when I had one - it's now gravel). But mostly they've been flying over my garden without actually stopping off,  so to find one spending some time at my feeders was a highlight.

Sorry, no pictures of any of these as they didn't hang round long enough.

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