Friday, 21 May 2010

Latest Pictures

I'm still quite new to serious birding. If I've misnamed or incorrectly identified any of the birds in this blog, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of the appropriate post - thanks.

A Starling in my back garden

A Willow Tit at Pennington Flash

A Chaffinch singing down Rindle Road

A female Blackbird with a meal for her young

A Sparrow at the bottom of my garden

A Dunnock at Pennington Flash

A Mute Swan on its nest in the canal near Moses Gate

Great Tit at Pennington Flash

Young Blackbird training for the World Cup

Dunnock on a Neighbour's Roof


  1. Yes, it is indeed a Dunnock

  2. Thanks for the confirmation Rob.

  3. Hi Martyn, its Mark Cain, I saw you ages back at the Flash. Just wanted to say that your photos are fantastic mate, real top quality and that starling is the best pic of a starling I've ever seen. Brilliant!

  4. Thanks Mark, it's nice to get some feedback.


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