NestCam Live 2015

This is a live video stream with sound from my 2015 NestCam in Tyldesley where a Blue Tit has been visiting regularly for the last week or so.  Sorry about the adverts, I can't remove them with this free Ustream video streaming service. Click the play button to view and rest assured that after the first advert it is LIVE.

Please remember that it is pitch black in the box at night with no visible light and so the camera switches to infrared monochrome mode.  You wouldn't be able to see anything at all if you looked in the box. If for any reason the camera is offline, some recorded video will usually be displayed. On desktop computers it will say either  LIVE  or   OFF AIR  in the bottom right corner of the video to let you know what you are seeing.

After clicking the play button in the middle of the video, the live stream will start. Please be patient as it takes a few moments to start up and, because I'm using a free service from Ustream, there will be an advert at the start and some that pop up from time to time. They're usually not too obtrusive and you can close them down.  Don't forget to turn the sound on if you want to hear it.  The camera reverts to monochrome at night and when the light in the nestbox is poor.  When the sun comes out the video is in colour albeit a little washed out, but the quality depends on the light and bandwidth available from Ustream.

Check the BTO information on Blue Tit nests here:

Please come back regularly to see how things are progressing - it will be live 24/7 with an infrared camera at night and I'll keep you updated on my blog and the L.O.S. Facebook Group Page here:

It would be great to read some of your comments below too.


  1. thanks Martyn for showing us this live stuff

  2. Thanks Martyn - we will enjoy looking at this

    Angela & George

  3. will miss looking at this while away in Spain

  4. You can see this anywhere in the world you have internet access, such as in a hotel, pub or coffee bar.

  5. Brilliant! - I will be checking back regularly to watch the progress. Many thanks for setting this stream up.


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