Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 3 - L.O.S. Fieldtrip to Bempton Cliffs RSPB

In the weeks before I set off on this mini-break to east Yorkshire, I'd realised that not many people were going to attend the final L.O.S. fieldtrip of the season today. May is a time when people go on holiday if they can to avoid the higher summer prices and the family crowds when the schools have broken up.  It's also a time when people arrange their special events such as weddings and christenings. We still had at least six people going in the last few days leading up to the trip, but a succession of messages telling me people weren't coming turned my mind to cancelling it altogether.  The weather forecast and the distance had perhaps put them off going.

However, one person, John Preston, was faithful until the end and never wavered in his desire to come.  He even volunteered to meet people with a map and directions at the usual place on Doctors Nook car park in Leigh, mainly because I wouldn't be there as I was already in Flamborough.  So I was consoled to the fact that there would be just the two of us at Bempton, and naturally I was very pleased to discover on the car park there that young birder Kristian Wade had also turned up and come with him.  Kristian went on our previous trip to Bolton Abbey last month, and he obviously wasn't put off by the age profile of the L.O.S. membership!

To be continued ...

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