Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I'm a bit fed up really ...

I've been writing this blog more or less since I began semi-serious birding in 2009.  I've progressed from being a novice to being a pretty average birder, but my real passion is for photographing birds. The aim of this blog has always been to record what I see in words and photos if possible and to relate any stories about the diverse range of people I meet whilst out birding. I'm no wordsmith but I do try - it's just a scrapbook after all.

But after doing it for so long, I'm beginning to wonder (yet again) if there is any point in writing this blog, as I get very few comments about my posts or photos. I know from the counter stats that real people do visit my pages and not just web bots indexing my posts so that Google will find them. On a few rare occasions there has been a massive influx of readers, usually when I've cross-posted somewhere and told them I've got photos. But even then, few leave comments.

It's not surprising therefore that I have turned to Facebook and Flickr to get some positive reinforcement that someone, somewhere does actually appreciate what I do, even though I only really do it for myself. Perhaps it is far easier to comment on these social media sites rather than a blog, I don't know, but I certainly get a better response and consequently spend most of my time there.

I suppose I will keep doing it as it will last long after I have gone and maybe then even my wife and children will take some interest in reading it. They certainly don't at present as it's like pulling teeth trying to show them my photos or tell them where I've been.

Just my two penn'orth but I don't suppose anybody will read it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean as I feel the same about my blog. My photography is strictly amateurish, but it's nice to feel you are sharing it & giving some small pleasure to the people who bother to read it!
    I began mine as a creative outlet, which I enjoyed, but the lack of comments does make you wonder if there is any point. I think it's just the "instant gratification" nature of facebook and Flickr that means more people at least "like" your photos. People are inclined to do the thing that takes the least effort, in my opinion.
    Anyways, for what it's worth, I read your blog posts and enjoy your pics, so I hope you'll keep posting here. :)

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, at least I was wrong in my last sentence! It's a creative outlet for me too and I do actually enjoy writing it. I think I need to work on my written style a bit more to make it a bit more engaging so that people might feel a little more inclined to comment. But thanks again for taking the time to write and I'll have a look at your blog later. Cheers, Martyn.


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