Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Grand Day Out at Knott-End-On-Sea

I had a grand day out at Knott-End-On-Sea at the most northerly point on the Fylde in Lancashire today where I saw Twite, Eider Duck, Curlew, Little Egret, and Redshank. My target bird was the Twite as I'd never seen one clearly before today, so mission accomplished and all the rest, especially the drake Eider Duck, were a bonus. I also met bird photographer Susan Wilson and her husband Peter who are friends of photographers Pauline Mellor-Greenhalgh and David Shallcross, both members of the Leigh Ornithological Society for which I do the website and run the Facebook group.

There was talk of a Pomeraine Skua being in the area but I'd left it too late to look for it today. However, on my way home through Pilling I did meet a birder who pointed out two Barn Owls to me along Bradshaw Lane and there were also some Tree Sparrows, Yellowhammer and Chaffinches on the feeding track there and a Corn Bunting on some telephone wires.

Like I said at the top of the post, it was a Grand Day Out.

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