Friday, 27 April 2012

This week in My Garden

I've decided to start a new occasional feature of this blog to summarise the birds and other wildlife that I've seen in or from my Tyldesley garden during the week. So to kick it off, here's this week's list:
  • Sparrowhawk - a male bird sitting on my garden fence was the main highlight of the week
  • Bullfinch - a male and female pair and another highlight as they are rarely seen around here
  • Coal Tit - a pair, but more usually just one
  • Long-tailed Tit - a very regular pair on the fat ball feeders
  • Blue Tit - pair, but unfortunately not using my nestbox this year
  • Coal Tit - a pair but not as often as I might expect
  • Chaffinch - a male and female pair
  • Greenfinch - a fairly regular male and female pair
  • Dunnock - usually just one
  • Robin - a single, andnot as often as in the past
  • Blackbird - a very regular pair nesting close by, but not sure where
  • House Sparrow - lots of male and female regulars, nesting in a neighbour's eaves
  • Starlings - nesting in the corner of my roof
  • Collared Dove - a regular pair
  • Wood Pigeon - a regular pair, and often other singles
I've also seen a Grey Heron on a neighbour's roof, Carrion Crow and various Gulls either over or from my garden.

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