Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Risley Moss Nature Reserve

I did a quick reccy of Risley Moss today in a vain attempt to see some Woodcock which have been reported here several times, as well as some Short-eared Owls and Snipe.  It seems I got there too early (for once!) as most of these birds show up more frequently at dusk and, as it was freezing cold today, I couldn't bear it more than a hour and half or else my toes would have fallen off.

I had a long chat with a guy called Brian who was quite a character and who gave me a lot of great information about the place.  He's a regular here and he even helps doing some of the land and conservation management in the area.  Whilst we were chatting three Buzzards passed in front of us, and at least 500 hundred Jackdaws passed overhead in the three large groups on their way to a roost somewhere.  But that was all.

I stayed a while after Brian left (it seems early for once as he had to pick up his daughter) and was soon joined by another guy called Dave, who also gave me lots of useful pointers about what to see and where to see it here.

Thanks guys, I didn't see much but I learnt a lot.  No pictures toady I'm afraid.

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