Monday, 25 April 2011


We have one Easter Egg in the Big Birdie House!  This was laid sometime between 11pm last night and 6am this morning.  I got up when I heard the male bird calling from outside and the female had already left the box when I got downstairs, revealing one tiny little Blue Tit egg.

The nestbox has been empty for most of the day when I've looked, but it's obviously been visited regularly because a pile of new white feathers have appeared.  These seem to have been used to cover the egg whilst the female was away.

As of 19:46 tonight the female Blue Tit is currently setting down for the night, whilst sitting on the egg and improving the nest by weaving the feathers into it.  The male is still outside calling at the moment, perhaps to let her know that everything is OK.  This will stop soon and he'll return in the morning.

Great Stuff! - Come back in the daylight for some better pictures with a touch of colour. And in the morning there maybe some more eggs in view.

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